Days of Gratitude – Wednesday 27 June 2012

Grateful for the little things that are different and you have to learn in a new place… what makes travel interesting.  We thought that going to a swimming pool would be easy (no language required) but in fact we needed to discover that you needed and to purchase swimming caps!

20120627 swimming caps Lake Como

Days of Gratitude – Tuesday 29 May

You know you are in a very organised and civilised place when these appear regularly on street corners and, in fact, are often sign posted “defibrillateur 90m ->”.

This was in Monaco; our last port of call on our cruise, and made me grateful for all the differences that we have experienced so far in our travels (I don’t think these would last 3 seconds on the street in Naples …) but also the similarities (people have been friendly and helpful everywhere we have been).

20120529 Defibrillateur monaco