Days of Gratitude – Thursday 25th October 2012

Last night I was exhausted … I got into bed only to realise that my watch/alarm was down stairs.  I was too tired to go to get it so decided that I would manage to wake up without the alarm.  Seemed unlikely to be a good plan but honestly it was too much effort to come up with a different one … and guess what – I actually woke up on time.  This is the time that I made it down to the kitchen!  Grateful that despite my and Simon’s misgivings about the plan somehow it worked out.

20121025 time

Days of Gratitude – Friday 5th October 2012

I read a few blogs and came across one asking for a postcard to be sent to his daughter’s class in America who are collecting postcards from around the world.  I happened to have an Australia postcard on my desk …

20121005 Australia Postcard

20121005 Postcard to Grace

If you’d like to help Grace and her class out too grab a post card and follow this link …

So, why does that make me grateful.  Grateful for the internet and how it lets us connect with perfect strangers half way across the world  and hopefully bring a smile to a young girl’s face 🙂

Days of Gratitude – Sunday 29th July 2012

What a wonderful day.  So much to be grateful for.  Definitely grateful that we were able to buy tickets (over a year ago) for the Olympic games and tha,t despite the authorised ticket agent being almost completely useless (people lining up for 6 hours and not getting the right tickets), our ticket pick up was executed perfectly by Dad yesterday allowing us to get to the Men’s basketball for the start at 9am.

20120729 on the way to Olympic men's basketball

Days of Gratitude – Saturday 7th July 2012

Grateful for being in Hungary with the ‘monopoly money’.  A 20,000 FT note from the ATM! The surprising thing is that it actually goes a fair way.  Beautiful dinner (I had perfectly cooked Salmon) and too much wine cost 14,000 FT (less than $60 AUS).  Don’t even talk to me about what this would have cost in Switzerland.

20120707 Hungarian money

Days of Gratitude – Saturday 30 June 2012

Grateful for these handy boards with the timetables on them at train stations.  Saved us quite a lot of time being able to work out that to get to Florence we should go to Pisa and catch a train there rather than wait for the next direct train from La Spezia to Florence (which was a few hours away).

20120630 train stations departures sheet

PS this one isn’t actually in La Spezia but was taken in the Cinque Terra on the day and is a lot more picturesque than La Spezia.