Days of Gratitude – Thursday 19th July 2012

Grateful to have located the perfect pancakes for Simon’s Birthday breakfast in Berlin.  Turns out they aren’t that common here – not fluffy ones anyway; crepes are readily available.  This one is my delicious banana pancake with maple syrup.

20120719 banana pancake

Not exactly on the main strip but if you are in Berlin I think worth the effort to get there –

Days of Gratitude – Friday 6th July 2012

Grateful for getting a little squirrel today.  I have wanted one ever since we saw them for sale on La Ramblas in Barcelona (end of May).  Today it was a dream come true getting one of my own – but even better this one is a toy so I could post him home with no trouble.  Have a good trip little squirrel and I will see you in Australia.

(Viktualienmarkt, Munich, Germany).

20120706 squirrel


Days of Gratitude – Thursday 5th July 2012

Grateful that today we decided to get a little off the tourist track.  Well not so off the beaten track for Germans but off the beaten track for English speaking tourists.  We headed out to a big brewery for a tour (in German).  Turned out to be a fabulous experience.  The brewery was massive.  We haven’t ever been to a brewery so big.  Each fermenter’s capacity is more than the total yearly production for most of the micro-breweries in South Australia. (Near Munich, Germany).

20120705 off the beaten tourist track

Days of Gratitude – Wednesday 4 July 2012

Today was very hard to choose the appropriate photo for days of gratitude.  I was very grateful to finally be able to get to a laundromat this morning.  Skip ahead to next paragraph if that doesn’t sound interesting … the last washing machine we had was in Interlaken and involved some slightly dodgy electrical situation … an extension cord down from our apartment and unplugging a washing machine below our apartment … that was ages ago and since then it has been hand washing in extremely humid (so several outfits per day) Italy and Germany.  So to have a full compliment of clean clothes was very good.

However, we also went outside of Munich today to visit some brew pubs and the winner of Gratitude for the Day has to be meeting locals at a pub and Simon having enough German to get by in a conversation.  The photo is of Rudi’s stein.  He has his own stein kept at the brewery for when he comes.  Lovely to meet him and have the chance to have a conversation with him (well for Simon to have a conversation with him anyway).

20120704 Rudi's stein

Days of Gratitude – Sunday 24 June 2012

Grateful for an opportunity for balcony dining.  Our beautiful hotel hosts were watching the soccer tonight (Italy v England EuroCup) so didn’t have the restaurant open and instead delivered delicious ravioli and big glasses of beer to our room for us to have on our balcony.  Bliss!

20120624 balcony dining in Randa

Days of Gratitude – Thursday 21 June

Grateful for a well earned beer!  Have never needed a beer so much in my life!!!  Why/How did I earn it?  Blog post to follow but for a sneaky preview see (we weren’t brave enough to take photos or video on the sections in the video …).

20120621 beer after via ferrata Murren