My Birthday

I think this may have been my first birthday where I didn’t see my parents. ¬†I was born on my parents 5th wedding anniversary and, so, the day is not only a very special day for me but for them too (in addition to being their child’s birthday). ¬†It was also my grandparents (on Dad’s side) anniversary. ¬†Today I was at sea though so I couldn’t even speak to my parents – I was thinking of them though. ¬†Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

So, what did I do for my birthday I hear you asking. ¬†I was very, very spoilt. ¬†Simon and I were cruising the¬†Mediterranean and this was a sea day (where we didn’t stop in port). ¬†So unless we were looking for a very long swim back to shore we were ‘stuck’ on the ship. ¬†There were plenty of activities to choose from though and because it was my birthday I got to choose. ¬†First thing we did was head to the on board gym – with an ‘OK’ view from the front of the ship.

Ruby Princess gym

Then I kept Simon busy with activities ranging from an ice sculpting demonstration, pub lunch, afternoon tea, drinks on our balcony and managed to find time to squeeze in a visit to the pool and spa too.

ice sculptingafternoon teawine






Simon had arranged a lovely surprise for dinner – ultimate balcony dining. It was awesome. We were sailing through the Messina straight at the time so for the first time that day had land close to us, the sun was setting and we had delicious food – the highlight being surf and turf – served by our own waiters (yes our waiter had an assistant) for the evening.

We may have been caught up in enjoying the moment and forgot to take any photos of ultimate balcony dining … ¬†pictured are beautiful flowers from Simon and me with my pre-dinner cocktail – Yum!

flowers and candle light pre dinner cocktail

What a great day … now, how can I top it for Simon’s birthday?