Days of Gratitude – Thursday 8 November 2012

Grateful (and very excited) that we will be having our beer delivered this way very soon … and when I say our beer I mean beer brewed by Simon (and possibly me if he lets me help) and delivered to pubs!

20121108 beer delivery

  • Suehres

    That’s really exciting! Have to let me know where to try it and what you are going to name it. Also we got a Dyson DC 35 Animal. Good Guys gave us the best deal about $412 I think it was. There is a newer version which stays charged for 20mins but we find 15 mins is more than enough for what we use it for. Doubles as a duster buster and came with attachments. Easy to empty, good suction. Only drawback is having to keep finger on trigger to keep it going but I think that is designed to conserve charge.