BeFED Brewpub in Padova, Italy

Part of our Europe trip is devoted to getting to as many craft breweries as possible and on May 17, 2012 we visited our first, the BeFED Brewpub in Padova (less than an hour by train from Venice, one of a chain of BeFED Brewpubs in this part of Italy).

Located on a motorway we weren’t sure what to expect but after stepping through the doors and being greeted by the very enthusiastic and entertaining staff we were seated in no time and checked out the menu.

Tonight BeFED had two beers on offer (both made on the premises), a Lager and a Red Ale. We started with the Lager accompanied by some peanuts (help yourself from the tub by the door and make sure to throw your empty peanut shells on the floor when you’re done). The Lager was crisp and refreshing – a well made beer. We then tried a Red Ale each which we enjoyed but agreed that the Pilsner was a better beer – so we tried it again.


Food wise there was only one logical choice, the slow cooked marinated chicken and chips.  Here’s the Google Translate version of the menu:

The rooster is a chicken BEFeD special cooked to perfection on the burning wood and coal with the “method churrasco” Brazilian slightly spicy. You will be served surrounded by french fries, sauce and toast.

Already for 15 years this famous cockerel wins the palates of all ages. In fact, although spicy, just levarne skin and even children can enjoy with their bare hands between the chips and salsa.

It is the perfect dish for a dinner with family, friends, or work … 
In short, the Rooster BEFeD is unique and inimitable!

But be careful: it seems that creates a certain, healthy and enjoyable, addictive!


We had a great night at BeFED. Fun staff, great food and beer. Highly recommended!