Testing a New Toy

Picked myself up a new toy this week, the QStarZ BT-1000XT GPS recorder. The main reason I got it is to GeoTag photos from our travels, specifically our upcoming trips to New Zealand and Europe as previous experience has shown that matching the inevitable hundreds (or even thousands) of photos to the actual locations they were taken is tedious and best and impossible at worst.

A quick walk around the UniSA campus at Mawson Lakes show it works pretty well straight out of the box. There is some slight tweaking to do with regards to syncing times (the locations on this map seem to be about half a minute out, but I know my mobile phone has a slightly incorrect time set).

I’m also not sure where the sharp climb of 40m came from  as my walk was fairly flat. For now I’ll put it down to a side effect of the first track recorded by the device and will keep an eye on it.

Look out for some updates from New Zealand in the next couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see how this thing performs on the ski slopes.

(Oh yeah, and I’m testing the new blog as well. Welcome!)


Elevation Profile