Days of Gratitude – Sun, 6 May

Grateful for these awesome PJ’s that my Mum got for us.  Even more grateful that after Mum heard (from my sister) that my PJ pants had been destroyed by one of my dogs that she got me a replacement!  (I had been planning to get my own replacement so Mum would never know and on the phone one day she said ‘I got you another pair of PJ’s and will wash them ready for Saturday night’).  Thanks Mum 🙂


Days of Gratitude – Sat, 5 May

Today was an awesome day so I am breaking the one photo rule – not sure that it even was a rule of days of gratitude but either way there hasn’t been a day that I have used more than one so it is a departure.  I figure, if you are going to break a rule do it properly!

20120505 hen's day

Today was my hen’s day.  My 4 beautiful bridesmaids and my Mum arranged a fantastic day for me.  We started with makeup trials, followed by chai latte’s, high tea, dinner at Russell’s famous pizza place in Willunga and ended up with a PJ party.  Grateful for the entire day and having so many wonderful women in my life.  And yes, Laura and Julia, even grateful for the ‘special’ cake (no photo of that one!).

20120505 hen's day

early morning tram20120505 kindle

An early morning tram ride to start the day … one of the rare times that being a one car household has been annoying.  But at least I got to read my kindle on the way.

20120505 pretty!20120505 bridesmaid20120505

Make-up trials went beautifully other than that one bridesmaid developed a rash the night before and couldn’t come along to this part.

20120505 chai


A chai latte before heading off to High Tea.

20120505 high tea20120505 Just tickled pink

20120505 sugar spoon

High Tea at Just Tickled Pink – absolutely beautiful and definitely very girly.

20120505 Russell;s lamb turkish pizza20120505 bride glass

Dinner at Russell’s – Turkish Lamb Pizza (YUM!) and a ‘bride’ glass for me 🙂  Followed by dessert – strawberry tart was delicious but not pictured as it was irresistible!