Days of Gratitude – Friday 3rd August 2012

Grateful to be in Metz, France.  We never expected to come to Metz but weren’t able to go where we wanted from Paris after the Olympics so ended up in this sweet little city where we were grateful for the opportunity to use French as practically no one speaks English. Well apart from our waiter at dinner who took this photo for us – he wasn’t originally our waiter but when he found out we spoke English he ran over eager to practice (something we haven’t really seen before in Europe).

20120803 Metz

Days of Gratitude – Friday 27th July 2012

Grateful we both survived horse riding.  Was a scary section where all the horses got spooked and galloped away … mine ran off the path, into pine trees and up a steep hill; Simon’s zig zagged around other horses at great speed. It really was amazing that everyone in the group managed to stay on their horses.

20120727 horse riding


Days of Gratitude – Saturday 21st July 2012

Another surprising day. We couldn’t get the online reservation for the train to Copenhagen to work so turned up at the station anyway … spent the first hour sitting on the floor of the train. Then we were able to to get seats when someone got off. The next thing was the the train WENT ON A FERRY. Yes that’s right the whole train drove onto the ferry! Only a short ferry ride but definitely very cool! Grateful for the surprises travel brings.

20120721 ferry train

Days of Gratitude – Thursday 19th July 2012

Grateful to have located the perfect pancakes for Simon’s Birthday breakfast in Berlin.  Turns out they aren’t that common here – not fluffy ones anyway; crepes are readily available.  This one is my delicious banana pancake with maple syrup.

20120719 banana pancake

Not exactly on the main strip but if you are in Berlin I think worth the effort to get there –

Days of Gratitude – Wednesday 18th July 2012

Grateful that we somehow managed to be organised enough to request a time to climb the Reichstag Dome (Parliament Building) in Berlin.

20120718 Reichstag dome Berlin

I found it a very moving experience.The historical significance of this building is amazing and it is wonderful to see it being used and loved by the German people again.  The architecture of the dome and the view were also amazing.

20120718 Reichstage climb

The audio-tour was excellent – GPS activated it just starts talking when you get to certain points.  The historical display at the bottom of the dome tracing the Reichstag’s history was fascinating.

Days of Gratitude – Monday 16th July 2012

Grateful for the more liberal dog policies in Europe which have taught me that Mia and Cooper should be coming a lot more places with me.  This is a lady having her hair done at a train station and I can just about guarantee that she and her dog arrived on the train – it is rare to not see a dog on a suburban train.

20120716 hairdresser dog

Days of Gratitude – Sunday 15th July 2012

We set out from our hotel with perfect weather – complete with blue skies.  We stopped for lunch and within minutes it was cold and pouring with rain.  So, I was very, very grateful for blankets provided by the restaurant to keep us warm (you see blankets in restaurants everywhere in Europe even though it is summer; this was our first time using them).

20120715 blanket in Prague

And this one even matched my top!