Days of Gratitude – Sat, 31 March

Grateful for my new CD of my very talented sister’s original songs – thanks Dad!  Pictured below with her back catalogue.

One of my favourites from this new CD is Sentimental Silliness …

You can keep up to date with what she’s doing on facebook …

20120331 Julia CDs

Days of Gratitude – Thurs, 22 March

Wow what a day!  So much to be grateful for.  I took quite a few photos and then there were things that I didn’t take photos of that I should have. Especially good to catch up with  Caitlyn, Eli and Julia at Marion tonight but alas no photos.

The gratitude of the day winner with photo is … the PetStock sale.  Stocked up so our Cooper wont go hungry while we are on holiday (PetStock doesn’t sell Mia’s special food so will have to stock up on that another day).

20120322 pet stock sale