Days of Gratitude – Friday 3rd August 2012

Grateful to be in Metz, France.  We never expected to come to Metz but weren’t able to go where we wanted from Paris after the Olympics so ended up in this sweet little city where we were grateful for the opportunity to use French as practically no one speaks English. Well apart from our waiter at dinner who took this photo for us – he wasn’t originally our waiter but when he found out we spoke English he ran over eager to practice (something we haven’t really seen before in Europe).

20120803 Metz

Days of Gratitude – Friday 20th July 2012

Grateful for a day full of surprises.  We had an overnight stop in Hamburg on our way to Copenhagen and weren’t expecting anything: we went to the ‘Miniatur Wunderland’ which was amazing. After a few hours there we stumbles across “The Dom’ a fair that was packed with people and rides. We had dinner from this cool BBQ place. While we were eating fireworks started! An awesome and unexpected little stop in Hamburg.

20120720 Hamburg BBQ

Days of Gratitude – Saturday 7th July 2012

Grateful for being in Hungary with the ‘monopoly money’.  A 20,000 FT note from the ATM! The surprising thing is that it actually goes a fair way.  Beautiful dinner (I had perfectly cooked Salmon) and too much wine cost 14,000 FT (less than $60 AUS).  Don’t even talk to me about what this would have cost in Switzerland.

20120707 Hungarian money

Days of Gratitude – Sunday 24 June 2012

Grateful for an opportunity for balcony dining.  Our beautiful hotel hosts were watching the soccer tonight (Italy v England EuroCup) so didn’t have the restaurant open and instead delivered delicious ravioli and big glasses of beer to our room for us to have on our balcony.  Bliss!

20120624 balcony dining in Randa

Days of Gratitude – Monday 11th June

Grateful for the recommendation of this restaurant  Ferme des 4 Saisons – seemingly in the middle of nowhere (but a short walk from our accommodation at Chimay – also in the middle of no where.  Fantastic food, fantastic wait staff and, of course, fantastic beer.  It was awesome to not be in a big city for really the first time on our honeymoon.

20120611 four seasons restaurant