Days of Gratitude – Tuesday 29 May

You know you are in a very organised and civilised place when these appear regularly on street corners and, in fact, are often sign posted “defibrillateur 90m ->”.

This was in Monaco; our last port of call on our cruise, and made me grateful for all the differences that we have experienced so far in our travels (I don’t think these would last 3 seconds on the street in Naples …) but also the similarities (people have been friendly and helpful everywhere we have been).

20120529 Defibrillateur monaco

Days of Gratitude – Monday 28 May

We were in Rome today.  We had a relaxed morning with no real plans in the morning and were grateful for that flexibility when it started to rain.  As we got wetter we thought about what nearby shelter we could find and turned a few corners to enter the Pantheon.  Despite the big hole in the roof we were grateful for the shelter provided by this ancient structure!

20120528 pantheon shelter