Days of Gratitude – Monday 9th July 2012

Today we were in Hungary so we learnt something about the Hungarian history and enjoyed visiting Heroes Square a fantastic reminder for them of the important people (well men) who have shaped Hungary.  Then we saw this …20120709 Hungarian Thermal Baths

A beautiful old building.  And where are we?  In a swimming complex … of course!  Grateful for a wonderful day of fun at the Szechenyi Baths ( being soaked in Hungarian History.  Outside it looks like this …

20120709 swimming szechenyi bath

So many pools and saunas and a wonderful day.

Days of Gratitude – Saturday 7th July 2012

Grateful for being in Hungary with the ‘monopoly money’.  A 20,000 FT note from the ATM! The surprising thing is that it actually goes a fair way.  Beautiful dinner (I had perfectly cooked Salmon) and too much wine cost 14,000 FT (less than $60 AUS).  Don’t even talk to me about what this would have cost in Switzerland.

20120707 Hungarian money