Days of Gratitude – Thursday 19th July 2012

Grateful to have located the perfect pancakes for Simon’s Birthday breakfast in Berlin.  Turns out they aren’t that common here – not fluffy ones anyway; crepes are readily available.  This one is my delicious banana pancake with maple syrup.

20120719 banana pancake

Not exactly on the main strip but if you are in Berlin I think worth the effort to get there –

Days of Gratitude – Wednesday 18th July 2012

Grateful that we somehow managed to be organised enough to request a time to climb the Reichstag Dome (Parliament Building) in Berlin.

20120718 Reichstag dome Berlin

I found it a very moving experience.The historical significance of this building is amazing and it is wonderful to see it being used and loved by the German people again.  The architecture of the dome and the view were also amazing.

20120718 Reichstage climb

The audio-tour was excellent – GPS activated it just starts talking when you get to certain points.  The historical display at the bottom of the dome tracing the Reichstag’s history was fascinating.