Days of Gratitude – Friday 9 November 2012

Grateful for my wonderful assistants who job share so usually don’t come into the office at the same time (apart from today).  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a photo of them together.  Trouble is that they are such good friends and such funny people that in the few seconds it took me to get the camera lined up they’d cracked each other up and this is the result …

20121109 assistants

Days of Gratitude – Thursday 25th October 2012

Last night I was exhausted … I got into bed only to realise that my watch/alarm was down stairs.  I was too tired to go to get it so decided that I would manage to wake up without the alarm.  Seemed unlikely to be a good plan but honestly it was too much effort to come up with a different one … and guess what – I actually woke up on time.  This is the time that I made it down to the kitchen!  Grateful that despite my and Simon’s misgivings about the plan somehow it worked out.

20121025 time

Days of Gratitude – Saturday 20th October 2012

What a wonderful day celebrating the life of Bob Bishop. My choir was asked to perform at Mr Bishop’s funeral by our choir sister, Sally, and we were all delighted to be able to help friends and family to celebrate his wonderful life. 20121020 choir at funeral The weather was perfect.  The crowd spread out over the beautiful garden in deck chairs and sun hats and wearing bright and happy colours. 20121020 funeral casket

The cows in the next paddock even came up to accompany the singing of ‘Its a Wonderful World” with a well timed “moo” honouring the man who was their farmer.

20121020 funeral

After the ceremony people gathered for a delicious country afternoon tea with many contributing a plate of food to share as everyone reminisced.  As a ray of sunshine broke through clouds.

20121020 funeral flowers

20121020 garden party