Days of Gratitude – Monday 13th August 2012

Grateful for one last look at the Olympic Stadium (this time set up for the closing ceremony).  Ok, not technically on the 13th but we flew on a plane most of the day (13 hours) and ‘lost’ 7 hours which out of 24 hours doesn’t leave a lot of time … and it was the 13th in Singapore and Australia …

20120813 olympic closing ceremony

Days of Gratitude – Thursday 9th August 2012

Grateful for Europe giving us a new perspective on bike riding – apologies for the political statement here … Bike riding should be easy if we want to encourage people to do it (and we should).  Compulsory helmets prevent people riding bikes and certainly prevent the hop on hop off stations of subsidised bikes that are all over Europe and well utilised.  Bike paths are necessary to keep cyclists safe and cyclists need a change of attitude too – you don’t need lycra and a road bike for commuting – you need a comfy bike with a chain guard and a mud guard and a whole bunch of other cool things like lights you connect up to your wheels so they don’t need batteries.

In this photo (pedestrian mall in Frankfurt) each tree either has a seat or a bike rack around it – having about 10 bike racks for the whole of Rundle Mall is clearly not enough! Get with the times South Australia and make cycling easy for people!

20120808 bike racks around trees

Days of Gratitude – Tuesday 7th August 2012

Grateful that the amazing Luxembourg Casemates were not destroyed as had been agreed in the 19th Century.  Remarkable to explore – even if a bit claustrophobic – and even to view from a distance.  The bridge in this picture you can walk underground underneath it to allow access even if the bridge was destroyed.

20120807 casemates